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Award Forms

Outside Scholarship Notification - Students selected to receive scholarships from outside sources are required to notify us of their awards, regardless of whether the check will be issued to the student or to the university.

2024-2025 Outside Scholarships Reporting Form

This is an electronic form and will require you to login using your WCU login credentials. Once the form has been submitted, we will then add your scholarship to your financial aid award and the estimated scholarship amount will be credited to your account. Once the actual scholarship funds arrive, the estimate will be switched over to paid and if a refund is due, it will be issued at that time.

Scholarship checks should be mailed to: Office of University Scholarships, 1 University Drive, Cullowhee, NC 28723. Fax: 828.227.7042. Phone: 828.227.7290.

Please visit our Outside Scholarship FAQ page for more information.

Student Athlete Outside Scholarship Certification - This form is required of students who will be participating on one of our intercollegiate athletic teams.

The following forms can be used to pay scholarships, prizes, or awards to students. Receipt/travel reimbursements or payments for work performed cannot be paid through the Financial Aid Office - please review the Student Payment Decision Tree to determine the eligible payment method. For more information about student payments options, please refer to the Student Payment Guide 2023-2024.

Fall 2024, Spring 2025

2024-2025 WCU Scholarship/Grant Reporting Form - This form should be used to report scholarships and travel grants that are supported by departmental funds or grants.


2024-2025 WCU Prize Reporting Form - “Prize” means winnings received as a result of a drawing or contest.  Prizes may be in the form of cash, cash equivalents (e.g. gift cards), or non-cash items (e.g. electronic devices).


2024-2025 WCU Award Reporting Form- “Award” or “Recognition Award” means monetary acknowledgement for recognition purposes.  Awards may be paid from discretionary departmental accounts or endowed funds as defined by donor gift agreements.



If you are providing scholarship assistance for a Western Carolina University student, please submit the Outside Scholarship Donor Form to our office.  This form enables us to appropriately disburse scholarship funds by receiving the following information from you:

The term(s) in which the funds are to be disbursed (fall, spring, summer A or summer B; split evenly fall/spring, etc.):  Please note that our usual practice is to split academic year funds evenly between fall and spring semesters.

Donor name, address, contact phone number and an e-mail address (if available):  In the event that the student withdraws before receiving the funds or does not enroll, we will need to return the funds to the donor.

Enrollment status: Is the student required to be enrolled full-time (12 hours for undergraduate students and 9 hours for graduate students) or is the student eligible to receive the funds with less than full-time enrollment?


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