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Non-WCU Scholarships

North Carolina Scholarships

There are many scholarships available from the state of North Carolina for residents of North Carolina who will be attending college at one of the North Carolina schools. A full list of scholarships available can be found at Here are a few examples of available programs:

Many of the communities in North Carolina are served by community foundations that provide scholarships to local students. All NC residents will find scholarship information through the NC Community Foundation in addition to other smaller foundations that serve their local areas. To find the community foundation that serves your area, simply do an internet search for the name of your town, city, or county along with the words "community foundation."

The State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) awards scholarships each year to students whose parents are state employees and are members of SEANC.  Application information is available on the SEANC website.

The State Employees Credit Union provides scholarships through their “People Helping People” scholarship program for students who will attend one of the UNC schools.  There is one scholarship awarded by each public high school in North Carolina and several of the charter schools each year.  Contact your guidance counselor for more information.

Outside Scholarships

If you are awarded an outside scholarship, you are responsible for submitting the Outside Scholarship Form to our office so that we can update your account.

Scholarship Search Websites

The links below are not endorsed by Western Carolina University; they are simply suggestions to help you begin your search for scholarships.  There are many websites that contain information related to scholarships that you may find useful.

Center for Scholarship Administration
Scholarship America
College Board 
Student Scholarships
UNIGO Scholarships
Office of Web Services