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Agreements with Other Schools

At WCU, we've a long history of working with schools and community colleges to smooth the way for your transfer to the university. Cooperatively, we've come up with a variety of agreements to get you enrolled and on your way to graduation.

Articulation Agreements

WCU has articulation agreements with many local community colleges and centers, allowing you to transfer credit and earn a four-year degree.

CAA Major Pathway Baccalaureate Plans

These guides can help you to smoothly transfer from an associate program to a baccalaureate program.

Credits Earned Elsewhere

Credits earned elsewhere (through course completion or examination completion) may be approved as credits toward a degree at Western Carolina University. Visit this page for more information.

Distance Learning Partnerships

WCU, in partnership with local community colleges and centers, offers you the opportunity to earn degrees through off-campus programs. Read more about partnerships.

Guaranteed Admissions Partnership Programs

WCU, in partnership with local community colleges offers a guaranteed admissions opportunity , which include a specific application for the partnership, program program completions and certain GPA minimums. Visit the Guaranteed Admissions Partnerships page for additional information.

WCU at ABTech

AB Tech consistently ranks as a top college of origin for students transferring to WCU.  To help AB Tech students planning to transfer to WCU, we have a full time Admissions staff member on the AB Tech campus in the Bailey Building.  Beth can assist students to find degree information, reviews course schedules to ensure classes will transfer and helps students through the transfer process.  Students can use the link below to make an appointment. Please remember, when visiting Beth you do not need to wait in the Student Services waiting line in the Bailey Building.

Contact Information for Beth Owenby, M.B.A.:
Bailey Building - Office 029
340 Victoria Road
Asheville, NC 28801
Schedule an Appointment:

Western 2Step Program

The Western 2Step Program is currently offline for updates.

Additional Resources

Students within the N.C. Community College System (NCCCS) intending to transfer to WCU should access the following resources.

Information for Transfer Students – This page on the Registrar’s Office webpage contains information about the transfer of credit and has links to additional information.

The N.C. Community College (NCCC) Course Equivalencies – Here you can see how courses taken at North Carolina Community Colleges will transfer to WCU.

The WCU Liberal Studies Equivalencies at N.C. Community Colleges – Here you can see how courses taken at North Carolina Community Colleges will transfer into the WCU Liberal Studies Requirements by category and course.

Departments, Schools & Colleges – Here you can link to all of the academic departments and programs to obtain information specific to the degree program you would like to complete upon transfer. When reviewing the program requirements, pay particular attention to the eight-semester plans and NCCC Course Equivalencies to find answers to many of your questions. Additional questions may be directed to the department heads or program directors. Find their contact information on the department or program website.

Additional questions regarding the admissions process may be directed to Undergraduate Admissions.
Additional questions regarding curriculum and/or courses may be directed to the Advising Center.

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