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CAA Major Pathway Baccalaureate Plans

Every student is different, which is why these pathways are only meant to be guides. These do not take into consideration any remedial courses needed or availability of classes at each community college. The order in which classes are completed is only important as far as pre-requisites are involved. As early as possible, look at the pathway you are interested in completing to note any pre-requisite classes you can take at the community college or other admissions criteria to that particular major. Just because a pathway indicates Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) does not mean a student must complete that particular degree. Based on the required math or science is the only determining factor in which degree you will choose. However, both degrees transfer equally. Again, the pathways are only guides.

Keep in mind, if you earn your Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS), your liberal studies requirements are waived at WCU. Because of certain course sequences, some majors may not be completed in four (4) years. Please plan accordingly. 

If your college does not offer a required course, choose another elective option to complete your AA or AS. However, realize that course will need to be completed for the degree, which may require more time at WCU. You can also check the Virtual Learning Community to see if the course is offered at another local community college or online. Please speak with your advisor to determine what will be the best course of action for you.  If no specific class is indicated, take a class that completes that general requirement.

To interpret the pathway:
The first column is the community college course. The second column is the Western Carolina University Course equivalency.  The third column is what liberal studies category should be fulfilled at WCU. This only becomes important if the student is not completing an Associate of Arts or Sciences. The fourth column represents the credit hours obtained at the community college. The final column indicates if the course is required for the major, preferred by WCU/major, or if it serves as a pre-requisite to other classes/majors.

If a student is not earning an AA or AS, your course work will be evaluated on a case by case basis and it will be necessary to complete the liberal studies requirements for WCU. Use this guide to determine what NCCC courses will fulfill which liberal studies categories at WCU. If you have further questions, please contact the Advising Center at 828.227.7753.


Bachelor of Arts
B.A. Anthropology (Archaeological Studies Concentration)
B.A. Anthropology (Cultural Concentration)
Bachelor of Science
B.S. Anthropology (Archaeological Studies Concentration)
B.S. Anthropology (Cultural Concentration)
B.S. Anthropology (Forensic Concentration)

Ecology and Evolutionary Concentration
General Biology Concentration
Molecular Concentration
Pre-Health Professional Concentration

General Concentration
Pre-med/Biomed Science Technology Concentration

Broadcasting Concentration
Health Communication
Journalism Concentration
Public Relations Concentration

Computer Science
Computer Science

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

Emergency and Disaster Management
Emergency and Disaster Management

Literature Concentration
Motion Picture Studies Concentration
Pedagogy Concentration
Professional Writing Concentration

Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Forensic Science
Biology Concentration
Chemistry Concentration

Environmental Hydrology Concentration
Interdisciplinary Concentration
Solid Earth Concentration

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

International Studies

International Studies

Applied Concentration
Traditional Concentration
Actuarial Concentration

Natural Resource Conservation & Management
Forest Resources Concentration
Soil and Water Conservation Concentration

Philosophy Concentration
Religion Concentration

Political Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts

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