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eCHECKUP TO GO  is a free online survey tool that you can use to learn more about yourself and your alcohol use. It provides you with instant personalized feedback such as a custom BAC (blood alcohol content) chart, how much money you spend on drinks each month, and other valuable information. This information is given to you in an easy-to-read format that you can keep for your reference.

eCHECKUP TO GO is completely confidential and free of charge to all members of the WCU community. Anyone in the WCU community may use it at any time. You can use it to gain accurate information about your alcohol use and learn helpful strategies if you would like to change your drinking habits.

eCHECKUP TO GO is available now. If you would like to discuss your results with someone after receiving your report, please email


BASICS is a preventative and evidence-based intervention for college students from 18 to 24 years old. It targets students who drink alcohol heavily and have experienced or are at risk for alcohol-related problems such as poor class attendance, missed assignments, accidents, sexual assault, and violence.  

BASICS is designed to help students make better alcohol-use decisions based on a clear understanding of the genuine risks associated with problem drinking, enhanced motivation to change, and the development of skills to moderate drinking.

The BASICS program uses a harm-reduction approach designed to:

  • Help you explore your alcohol use in a non-judgmental setting
  • Reduce risky behavior and harmful consequences of alcohol abuse
  • Identify changes that could help you reduce your risk
  • Provide important information and skills for risk reduction

The BASICS program consists of two one-hour sessions with a trained facilitator. The first session will be focused on introducing the student to the program, assessing the student's level of risk of alcohol-related problems, and obtaining the commitment to monitor drinking between the two sessions. During the second session, the student will be given a personalized feedback sheet containing information on the frequency of drinking, quantity of alcohol consumed, estimates of typical and highest-reported blood-alcohol content, and comparisons with student drinking norms. 

If you are interested in connecting with a trained facilitator as part of the BASICS program, please reach out to

Please Note: This is not therapy or substance use treatment. Professionals facilitating these sessions are not substance-misuse professionals or licensed clinical therapists.

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