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Emergency Medical Services

Students Helping Students Since 1965

Western Carolina University Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a basic life support (BLS) service licensed by the North Carolina Office of EMS that operates under the affiliation agreement with Harris EMS to provide 911 emergency medical services to the WCU community. The agency is part of Health Services and is fully staffed by WCU students with an EMT certification or higher. 

WCU EMS Vehicles

WCU EMS Response Vehicles

Students from various majors make up WCU EMS with many pursuing the emergency medical care program. Members of WCU EMS work 12 hours shifts and staff a quick response vehicle with an officer in charge, as well as an ambulance staffed by two emergency medical technicians (EMT). WCU EMS leadership includes an EMS chief and four assistant chiefs with varying responsibilities. The assistant chief positions include a training officer, logistics officer, human resource officer and public relations officer.

WCU EMS provides care and transport to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Western Carolina University twenty-four hours a day through the fall and spring semesters. The primary response area is the university campus. WCU EMS transports patients to Harris Regional Hospital, located in nearby Sylva, N.C. For on-campus emergencies call 828-227-8911. For non-emergencies call the EMS Office at 828-227-6324.

EMS Training

WCU EMS team teaching tourniquet use at a Stop the Bleed training.


WCU EMS personnel facilitate programs for students, faculty, and new employee orientations, student organizations, and community organizations on an ongoing basis. Topics for programming incude: Bleeding Control and First Aid Training, Hands Only CPR and Emergency Preparedness Training. 


Medical Standby

WCU EMS offers medical standby services at all on-campus events. Medical Standby Services may include an ambulance, quick response vehicle or a standby team comprised of North Carolina Emergency Medical Technicians.
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