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Health Services

Welcome to Health Services.

We are located on beautiful upper campus in the Bird Building and our hours of operation are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday.

Our staff is dedicated to treating each patient with compassion and respect in a welcoming environment that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual.  Our mission to provide our patients with quality healthcare is demonstrated through our services, practices and health policies.

The team at Health Services is comprised of healthcare professionals that strive to meet the health care needs of the academic community and to enhancing the physical, psychological, environmental and health education needs of our campus. 

In other words, our goal is to keep students well and in the classroom.

Bird Building Entrance


Prior to enrollment, all new students must provide immunization records, proof of health insurance and a medical history.

North Carolina state law (General Statute 130A-155.1) requires anyone entering college to present a certificate of immunization that documents their compliance with all required immunizationsAll students attending Western Carolina University are required to show proof of valid medical insurance coverage or must enroll in the mandatory UNC System health plan. A Medical History will need to be secured from your doctor; a medical history provides important pieces of information that you should be aware of before visiting health services.






Current Students

Western Carolina University Health Services is here to meet the healthcare needs of our academic community and to enhance the physical, psychological, environmental and health education needs of our campus. Any student who pays the Student Health Fee is eligible for our services, regardless of insurance coverage. Keep in mind that students ARE NOT required to be enrolled in the UNC sponsored student health plan to be eligible for services. You can learn more about Insurance and Payment.

To obtain a proof of visit from Health Services, please log in to the Patient Portal. You may also review the WCU Absence Notification Protocol.

Login to the Patient Portal

Student Eligibility for Services (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Students enrolled in residential credit hours are required to pay the student health fee as part of the WCU tuition and fees semester billing.   The student health fee provides access to medical care, counseling and psychological care and emergency medical care via WCU EMS at Western Carolina University.

Student Eligibility for Services (Summer Sessions)

Students enrolled in any summer session(s) are required to pay the student health fee through tuition and fee billing.  Any student paying the health fee has access to Health Services throughout the summer.

Students that are not enrolled in summer sessions but are pre-registered for the upcoming fall semester are eligible for Health Services, but will be assessed an office visit fee for each encounter instead of the student health fee.

Students do not have to be enrolled in the StudentBlue Health Plan to utilize Health Services.

Students that are enrolled in distance education programs are not subject to mandatory fees and therefore, are not eligible for care in Health Services.   

Employee Eligibility for Services

Refer to University Policy 80.

Our staff are dedicated to improving the health status of our community by providing excellent care to meet the needs of our patients. Our goal is to support our patients so they can be focused on their academic success. 

Meet Our Staff

Concerns, Compliments or Suggestions

Patients are welcome to provide feedback to Health Services via our feedback form. This feedback may be submitted anonymously and is considered 'spot' feedback, not a formal grievance.


Grievance Process

A Grievance is an official statement of a complaint about something believed to be wrong or unfair. The Director of Health Services is responsible for investigating Grievances, providing feedback to the patient, determining any corrective actions as needed and following the issue to its' resolution. Please note that a formal Grievance cannot be anonymous.

Learn More about the Grievance Process

Services Offered

Health Services providers offer integrated, accessible and affordable health care to our student population by addressing the majority of personal health care needs through the development of an ongoing partnership with each patient. 

Services for Students

Health Services is pleased to assist with your health and wellness by offering convenient, accessible, affordable care for our faculty and staff.

Health Services does not replace your primary care physician but instead compliments that care by providing quick assessment, diagnosis and treatment of common complaints such as colds, sore throats, headache, or upset stomach. Our motto is "Keep them well and keep them in class," we feel that applies to you as well as our students.

 Services for Employees


Please refer to University Policy 80 for more complete details.

WCU EMS is a student-staffed emergency ambulance service serving the WCU community. All medics are certified EMT's and WCU EMS is supervised by Health Services and Harris EMS service. This service is in operation 24/7, during Fall and Spring semesters. To obtain EMS assistance dial 828.227.8911.

Call 828.227.7640 to schedule an Appointment.

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