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Graduate Certificate in Project Management

The Project Management Graduate Certificate is designed as a type of “boot camp” for those interested in the field of Project Management and want to expand their understanding of the field. It is of particular interest to workplace professionals or active duty military who are looking for certification rather than a degree due in part to the convenient delivery of 8-week (modular) courses. All educational activities are online; no commuting is necessary. A graduate certificate in Project Management is awarded to students who successfully complete the following four three-credit courses:

PMC 610 - Project Initiation and Planning
This course introduces the student to the principles underlying the field of project management. It focuses on project initiation, chartering projects, and the planning that is undertaken to carry out a project. 

PMC 620 - Project Execution and Closeout
This course introduces the student to the principles underlying the field of project management. It focuses on project scheduling and activity estimating, budget estimating, risk planning, project monitoring, and project closeout activities such as scope validation and lessons learned. 

PMC 630 - The Project Manager and People Skills
This course introduces the student to one of the often-overlooked skillsets that are vital to the project manager - that of dealing with and managing people. This course will help you gain a better understanding of the personality strengths a project manager must possess in order to lead projects (and the teams associated with the project) to success.

PMC 640 - Managing Project Teams
This course introduces the student to the hardest job the project manager must undertake: managing project teams. In this course, the student will investigate team development. the aspects of successful teams, and how those teams can lead positive change in the organization.


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Minimum Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited instruction of higher education, with a 3.0 average on the last 60 hours.

Applications are accepted for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.


Tuition and Fees 

For information about tuition and fees, please follow the link below and refer to Graduate Business rates. 

Distance Learning Tuition and Fees 


On-Site and Advanced Classes

The certificate program can be offered at an employer's site and in a classroom setting. For more details about this, or for information about advanced project management classes, please contact the program director.

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